Patience is a virtue...

and sometimes more often, I lack of it especially now in my job-hunting. 

But I realize that having to wait a little longer means cheaper fares, crossing off one item on your wish list...

Imagine I was able to book Tagbilaran for only Php8,680.00 for 6 adults and 1 child (between 2-11 yrs. old).  Amazing really.  And to think that I almost book us earlier for a promo of 14K then 11.5K.  Look at those savings.

I have not received yet the result of my "pen and paper" exam last week.  I have this week to know whether I passed it or not.  Though I have been scheduled for an interview with a general manager this week.  So there - a little glimpse of hope for me. 

And I'm crossing my fingers... and praying...

endless pursuit

I kept pestering hubby of "when? when? when?"  He told me to be patient. 

I know.  I do.  But it's June (half-way) already and all my pursuits in the past months went kapoot.  Except for 2 pending applications I have now.  The first one -- I'm waiting for the result of the "pen and paper exam" cause I did pass the computer and typing exam already.  The other one--I'm waiting for the interview schedule as the General Manager, I was told, will only be back by June 4.

Other than that, I have not really been that lucky yet to be given any offer and I am getting impatient.  But hubby said I just have to be patient about things and it will come.  But when? really?

Geez! This particular blog seems to be all about my struggle of moving on... oh well, at least it's documented and I go back to it when this is done and over with... I hope pretty soon.

On a brighter note, it's FINAL, hubby is celebrating his 31st birthday (and Enzo's advance 3rd birthday) in the fascinating Bohol.  Sooo excited!  Even my brother and his family are joining us on this trip.  It will surely be a fUn... FuN... FUN and memorable birthdays to boot.

I was told...

At least, if I remember well I have been told twice. 

That I am very much qualified for the post because of my solid background BUT (there comes the BUT part) they might not be able to afford me.  The first one who told me that last year did not bother to call me again after the interview.

Yesterday afternoon, I was told the same thing.  The Atty. said that there are only 2 items he wished to discuss with me when he saw my curriculum vitae.  One, why would I want to apply for them when it's a totally different field though the position is still Executive Assistant.  Two, will they be able to afford me.

So, I am again waiting for the result.  I guess if they don't get back to me this week or next week then it's a puff again.

I will just post another entry if they decid to call me again as I still have a lot going on my mind about them.
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I posted this on my facebook account before going to sleep yesterday:

"yawn! sleepy now... I pray when I wake up tomorrow, Noynoy is still on lead over Erap. Heaven help us!"

A classmate of mine from way back commented:

"yeah... but we have his sons sa senate and congress and his mistress sa san juan... ow well... the only new thing in this election are the PCOS machines... the rest are the same old used rugs..."

So I replied:

"but we can always dream... we can always hope... that there will be a change steps for now!"

She said:

"yeah but it makes one wonder if the Philippines can still take another 6 years of the same old thrash from the same old politicians..."

Too much negativity... I did not bother to argue anymore.  I am different.  I am still hopeful.  Maybe Noynoy can bring a difference in how things are in the government.  I hope he will not succumb to power and keep the interest of the Filipino as his top priority.  I will not know.  But we will eventually find out.

Although seeing the likely Top 12 senators, I'm sure it will be hard work for Noynoy.  But we can never lose hope.  There is always rainbow after the rain.  I am waiting for our own "rainbow."

Let's weigh it!

Since my posts here have been mostly about work, work and nothing but work, I might be boring already my readers reader hihihi!  So let's shift to another goal I'll try to keep - to lose weight.  I checked this morning and I am currently at 157 lbs. ohh that's bad!  I'll try by losing a few pounds first by monitoring my food intake.

half rice for lunch, no rice to half rice for dinner
water only! (juice instead of softdrinks)
don't buy any sweets - chocolates / cakes / ice cream (unless it's free!)
don't buy junk food
no Starbucks until payday (unless it's free!)

I'll weigh again on April 22.

Why does it have to be hard?

Let's get this out of the way first.  I'm too sleepy zzzZZ - the reason behind the mood.

If the HR personnel said "We have already narrowed down the applicants" when asked "Is the position still vacant?" - does it mean that you are not being considered anymore?  It makes me think so.  I'm tired and frustrated already.  When will I ever receive that tempting offer?

I was supposed to go for another interview today.  Unfortunately, my colleague who I was hoping to cover for me in case I won't be able to come back to the office before 3:30pm is on leave and there is a 3:30pm meeting I need to assist.  So I called in sick.  They texted me back when I will be available so I replied next week morning.  Waiting now for their reply.  If they will be able to reset the schedule then I must go.

I am still sleepy zzzZZ...

I made a realization through this process.  "That it's hard enough to look for a new job but I bet it's harder if you don't have a job in the first place." 

new directions

There are times I feel frustrated in my job hunting.  When I have set my eye on a particular opening, it goes in a puff.  Though hubby is assuring me that it's okay.  That it hasn't been really that long that I was on the market but I feel differently.  Let me go through briefly the applications I had last quarter of 2009 when I became open to new opportunities (but the search was put on hold before the year ended because I got lazy).
  • Galderma Philippines (keyword: Cetaphil) - I even had my final interview.
  • Sun Cellular - The Superior was honest enough to let me know that they might not be able to give my expected salary but she would let the HR negotiate with me.  I never got a call back.
My desire to look for a better opportunity was rekindled early this 2010.  Here are the applications I have had so far:
  • St. Lukes - This was the hospital I was referring to in my earlier posts.  This is one of those "this might be it!" but went in a puff soon enough. huhuhu!
  • JS Unitrade Merchandise, Inc. (keyword: EQ, Charmee) - I wasn't able to attend the final interview due to a conflict in my current work and they have not gotten back to me to reschedule... oh well!
  • Logica - declined due to shifting schedule (4pm-1am)
  • Ascott - Another "this might be it!" feeling but I sincerely hope and pray it doesn't end in a puff too.
  • Maersk Line - pending application with a scheduled initial interview
And there were Jobstreet applications in between... haay!  I do get pressured but this time (while still looking for job opportunities) I will make do of what I have now while I wait.  Since I don't know when that is and I still have a good job.  I'll stay focused on my job now. 

I must focus on our savings as well.  Cut out on unnecessary dine outs when there's cooked food in the house.  Steer away from temptations hihihi! No credit card purchases until I have fully settled our bill except for hubby's eyeglasses which will be reimbursed anyway.  Just have to settle what we owe my BIL for the LV Neverfull then all else must go to our savings - for our Metrobank Joint Account, Enzo's tuition and family travel or Enzo's 3rd birthday. 

Baby no. 2 is on the works... so if this comes before I finally landed a job then so be it.  I can resume looking for a better opportunity right after I give birth.  I believe God will provide.  But if it can wait until mommy is financially ready again then that would be better.  But I realize (after the untimely death of a high school classmate last March 31) that LIFE is too short to dwell on the past and to daydream of the future.  Live LIFE now and enjoy it...

tired but must gO...Go... GO!

Yesterday was tiring.  Though I was on leave, it seems I was literally up on my feet the whole day.  I was scheduled for a written assessment in the morning then an interview for another company in the afternoon.  I went from SM Mall of Asia to Glorietta in heels.  waaah! my feet hurts!

I passed the assessment and is scheduled for an initial interview next week.  I'm not sure what happened to my afternoon interview.  Well, the interview (I felt) went just fine.  There was another candidate (I believe for the same post) but she left after her interview.  I was asked to stay for an exam.  There were 2 parts - English and Math.  I believe I did well on the English part but I'm not sure if I even passed the Math part.  geez!  I'll be honest, I HATE MATH!  period.  There were square roots and fractions, etc. etc.  The position seems promising since the HR personnel said they can meet my expecting salary (basic+service charge).  That made my eyes twinkle hihihi!  Plus it's still a Mon-Fri, 9-6, no work on weekend/holiday job.  But the Math part sucks big time!  Really I wonder will I need it for the position I'm applying for? :p

By the time I was done (about 5ish pm), I was tired and my head was throbbing.  I say, I must endure... for this is only the beginning.  I only have 9 months... pressure!
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2010 - the Year to be Bold (and brave)!

... and to honestly leave my comfort zone!

This is it! This is my "our" goal for the year.  I need to get a job that can offer me at least half of my current salary.  Ney, on the other hand, is also looking for either a new company which can offer him an additional of 10k (at the least)  or he will be given a raise/promotion this year with his current job.  We'll use this then to cover the amortization of a house and lot.  The provident fund I'm expecting to get will be used as down payment (if need be).  Then we can rent out the condo for additional income - addition to the budget for amortization and to pay-off our loans with my folks.  

The condo will be a bit crowded once we have another baby meaning that's another yaya too.  And of course, once Enzo get's older, I don't think he still would like to sleep beside his daddy hihihi! 

I'll be on my best!
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my LVoe and mine

MINE at last!

Because of hubby's persistence and the HUGE difference of the rate here in Makati, I gave in.  The original idea is for me to buy a luxury bag when I already landed a new job and I'll make use a part of my provident fund to buy this as a reward for myself.

Oh well, I don't have that new job yet... but hopefully this year.  I was looking for a classic one just so if it will end up as "my one in my lifetime."  I also find the Speedy 30 nice but I prefer shoulder bag-type so the Neverfull MM is the perfect choice for me.  Happiness!  Thanks hubby...

In terms of opportunities, I'm not hopeful anymore with the hospital as I was advised that the President requested HR to look for additional applicants.  With the distribution company, I was called for a final interview today (afternoon) with the VP but I am not available so they might not consider me anymore.  Oh well... I have the luxury of time. This year...