llyresh (llyresh) wrote,

It's been awhile...

Geez!  I have neglected this blog... pasensya na po, blogs are not allowed in my not-so-new work (been with the company for 1year & almost 4months).  I even have a 5-month old baby to boot! Ganun katagal but my other blog is updated - http://obiasadventure.blogspot.com - hop on there for my updates this past year.

Anyway, I have been searching again for work - not that I don't like my new job.  I just wanted to find out if there is an opportunity for me to go back on a day-shift schedule.  I'm missing the time I spent with hubby after office.  Usually, he's fast asleep with the 2 boys when I come home from my shift.  Then I'm the one naman who needs sleep by the time he wakes up in the morning.  Wala na kaming quality time on weekdays.  Though there are perks on a mid-shift schedule - I'm able to go to Enzo's school in the morning from time to time (especially if he has programs/special activities), no traffic rush & jam-packed MRT.  Oh well, I shall see how far my active applications will go.
Tags: family, work
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