llyresh (llyresh) wrote,

Officially BER months

... and 114 days to go before Christmas.

and it seems after about a year of looking for better opportunity for myself comes the conclusion.  Though I have been negotiating the offer since last week, it is only today, September 1 that they gave me what I asked (and wished) for.  I asked for a specific sign.  Since the position requires me to be on mid-shift (initially at 2-11pm), I asked it to be moved to 12-9pm instead (which in fact what was discuss with me during the initial interviews).  The offer is tempting though it was less than 2K than my expected salary however, they make up for it with around 5K allowances.

I am excited and quite nervous at the same time.  I have been with my so-called comfort zone for the last 10 years and I am about to go out, explore and take that one big leap of faith.  For my family, I will do this!

For the meantime, I will need to get a copy of the contract and check if everything is A-OK then have my medical before I even talk to my superior regarding my resignation.

Wish me luck, guys...

Tags: work
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