llyresh (llyresh) wrote,

Guess where I was at noon today?

Well, all I can say is that I was on the 34th floor of a building and from the window, I could see the roof of St. Paul Pasig.

It was for an interview with the HR manager.  He has to discuss and compare his evaluation with the general manager who first interviewed me.  Then I "might" have to undergo a proficiency exam (again?!).  See I think I had this kind of test twice already haaay! Hopefully, they'll recommend that I don't need one anymore *crossed fingers.* 

Then another exam for a media company which I hope will push through somehow even if I asked the date to be moved. 

If it does not prosper, I will take a leave from this job hunting to regain my strength.  I am sooo tired!  And the bosses might question my leaves lately which is sooo unlike me.
Tags: work
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