llyresh (llyresh) wrote,

I want! I want!


Since hubby convinced me to get the LV Neverfull earlier this year when his brother was in Belgium, I needed something to keep me motivated in my job hunt.  Something to serve as my souvenir if I finally well, hopefully offered a new job in a new company.  Something I could use in the new office to perk me up.  One online seller is quoting me between Php7,500-8,500 without embossed initials or name.  She gets it from Paris as I was informed she is a flight attendant.  I wonder how much it is here?  And if they have the same design on stock?

Isn't it sooo pretty?  I also like the dark purple and citrine (yellow) combination... sooo bagay at this time while Noynoy is still our President hihihi!

Tags: dreams
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