It's been awhile...

Geez!  I have neglected this blog... pasensya na po, blogs are not allowed in my not-so-new work (been with the company for 1year & almost 4months).  I even have a 5-month old baby to boot! Ganun katagal but my other blog is updated - - hop on there for my updates this past year.

Anyway, I have been searching again for work - not that I don't like my new job.  I just wanted to find out if there is an opportunity for me to go back on a day-shift schedule.  I'm missing the time I spent with hubby after office.  Usually, he's fast asleep with the 2 boys when I come home from my shift.  Then I'm the one naman who needs sleep by the time he wakes up in the morning.  Wala na kaming quality time on weekdays.  Though there are perks on a mid-shift schedule - I'm able to go to Enzo's school in the morning from time to time (especially if he has programs/special activities), no traffic rush & jam-packed MRT.  Oh well, I shall see how far my active applications will go.

Officially BER months

... and 114 days to go before Christmas.

and it seems after about a year of looking for better opportunity for myself comes the conclusion.  Though I have been negotiating the offer since last week, it is only today, September 1 that they gave me what I asked (and wished) for.  I asked for a specific sign.  Since the position requires me to be on mid-shift (initially at 2-11pm), I asked it to be moved to 12-9pm instead (which in fact what was discuss with me during the initial interviews).  The offer is tempting though it was less than 2K than my expected salary however, they make up for it with around 5K allowances.

I am excited and quite nervous at the same time.  I have been with my so-called comfort zone for the last 10 years and I am about to go out, explore and take that one big leap of faith.  For my family, I will do this!

For the meantime, I will need to get a copy of the contract and check if everything is A-OK then have my medical before I even talk to my superior regarding my resignation.

Wish me luck, guys...

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this must be it!

I can feel it... In fact, I am anxiously waiting for the offer.

I was told by HR that she is just waiting for the approval of the compensation package whew!

I hope they at least offer me my expected salary...
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(no subject)

"Whatever I don't have will come to me when I'm ready to receive it!"

YES, I think I am ready!

It's now mid-August.  Wow!  Ber months is fast approaching.  And it has been a year already of looking for that elusive job.  Oh well... I have 2 pending applications now though I'm not that actively searching.  I told myself I will take a rest from this exhausting job hunt and wait it out until after our family vacation in Bohol.

Hop on to my other blog - for more updates on me and my family... Ciao!

Guess where I was at noon today?

Well, all I can say is that I was on the 34th floor of a building and from the window, I could see the roof of St. Paul Pasig.

It was for an interview with the HR manager.  He has to discuss and compare his evaluation with the general manager who first interviewed me.  Then I "might" have to undergo a proficiency exam (again?!).  See I think I had this kind of test twice already haaay! Hopefully, they'll recommend that I don't need one anymore *crossed fingers.* 

Then another exam for a media company which I hope will push through somehow even if I asked the date to be moved. 

If it does not prosper, I will take a leave from this job hunting to regain my strength.  I am sooo tired!  And the bosses might question my leaves lately which is sooo unlike me.
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"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." (Matthew 21:22)

Saw this passage on our way out from church after hearing the Sunday mass.  I felt, it was the Lord's way of telling me that He has heard my prayers... in His time.

It gave me hope... it gave me the assurance I need.  And maybe it is just in His OWN time, not mine for He knows what is best.

So so so inspired by this passage that it's my shoutout on my FB wall and twitter hihihi!

note to self:

Live for today... not yesterday... not tomorrow...

I will not mention (aloud) or even think about my past applications.  It's been a week since my last interview as well as that "pen and paper exam" so I guess life does go on for me.  I will continue to apply... and apply... and apply but I would not let it ruin what I have now.

And I can have the Longchamps Le Pliage if I wanted to HA!  Hubby says so but I'm saving up for it and I have to save first for our upcoming Bohol trip so that is something to look forward to.  I have less than 3 months to go.
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as of 5PM!


no word from them...  try again next year huh?

and no word also from the other company?  I was somewhat persistent frustrated that I sent an e-mail earlier to HR asking for any feedback. but NADA!

It's getting frustrating really... the fact that it's taking too long haay!
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tick... tock... tick... tock... tick... tock...

This is my Facebook status...

If I don't hear anything regarding my "pen & paper exam" today, it would only mean better luck next year huhuhu! 

I just had my interview yesterday with the General Manager.  I think I did okay but still, it's not really whether you did well but rather more on the part if they like you.  I hope he was impressed.

I am anxiously waiting for my fate... then search again...

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I want! I want!


Since hubby convinced me to get the LV Neverfull earlier this year when his brother was in Belgium, I needed something to keep me motivated in my job hunt.  Something to serve as my souvenir if I finally well, hopefully offered a new job in a new company.  Something I could use in the new office to perk me up.  One online seller is quoting me between Php7,500-8,500 without embossed initials or name.  She gets it from Paris as I was informed she is a flight attendant.  I wonder how much it is here?  And if they have the same design on stock?

Isn't it sooo pretty?  I also like the dark purple and citrine (yellow) combination... sooo bagay at this time while Noynoy is still our President hihihi!

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